By Renee Thelen, Planner/Monitor

During the 2015-2016 school year, our Instructional Consultation (IC) Teams around the county have been focused on maximizing their impact by taking more group and whole class cases.  This allows the teacher requesting assistance to utilize the collaboration time with their case manager to develop strategies that will meet the needs of a large group of learners, as opposed to requesting assistance for only a single student.  The graph illustrates the increase in the average number of students served through ICT in previous years as compared to the current year.  

ICT-GraphIn addition to a focus on group and class cases, our IC teams have also been working on creative ways to meet the unique needs of their buildings.  The team at Portland Middle School has been working on several “team cases” this year which allows the case manager to partner with all of the teachers working with a particular student so that strategies are embedded into each of a student’s classes, as opposed to just one.  Meanwhile the team at Lakewood Elementary reviewed their case data and discovered a pattern of upper elementary teachers requesting assistance for students struggling to decode multi-syllabic words.  In addition to working with these individual teachers requesting assistance, the team also arranged to provide training to the entire staff on a research based strategy for decoding multi-syllabic words.  This entire building training provided teachers with a valuable resource that they can use as part of their core instruction to meet the needs of both current and future students.

Great job teams!