By Deb Wagner, Director of Grants & Special Projects

The Ionia County Youth Advisory Council project called PACK’ed (Prepared, Assembled by Caring Kids) by YAC took place on April 20, 2016. The YAC, a youth-led organization, engaged in direct service activities benefiting IM Kids 3rd Meal.  During the school year, IM Kids 3rd Meal provides 472 sack dinners to food insecure children in Montcalm and Ionia Counties Monday through Friday. YAC students were put into groups and then completed stations; making trail mix, balling melons, repackaging snack foods, decorating bags, making sandwiches, and packing meals at the IM Kids 3rd Meal facility. Prior to our direct service day, the YAC members collected food items at their individual schools to bring as a donation to IM Kids 3rd Meal program. The students definitely enjoyed volunteering for their community and helping feed food insecure children.