Heartlands Institute of Technology held their annual award ceremonies on Tuesday, May 16th 2017, honoring their county wide students at the career tech center. We greatly appreciate everyone who was able to take time out of their busy schedule to attend and support the students!

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The top three awards given are the Program Award, Distinguished Student Award & Scholarships. I have included a definition of these awards and photos of the recipients below.

A student nominated by their instructor as the individual who represents the highest accomplishments. This award goes to the student “Most Likely to Succeed”.

Senior students nominated by their instructors. One student per district is selected by the staff as the best overall Heartlands’ representative including attendance, technical and related academic skills, extra-curricular involvement, attitude and leadership ability.

We were honored to give out over $13,000 in scholarships to students this year!

Student Advisory Scholarships
Student Advisory Scholarships are awarded from funds raised by Heartlands’ Student Advisory throughout the 2016-2017 school year. This year some of the notable fundraisers were the shirt orders, pickle & popcorn Fridays and Coffee Shop. Five scholarships were awarded this year from these funds.

Program Scholarships
This year our Machine Tool, Culinary Arts, Allied Health & Diesel Technology programs gave out specific program scholarships to selected students.

Ionia Rotary Scholarship
Ionia Rotary honors one of our students each year with a $500 scholarship. Bill Roeser from the Rotary Club attended the ceremony to present this scholarship to Alexys Roundtree from Allied Health.

Grand Rapids Community College Culinary Arts Scholarship
Alissa Emelander was honored with a $2,000 scholarship to attend the Grand Rapids Community College, Secchia Institute for Culinary Education to further pursue the Culinary Arts field.

Frances Stout Memorial Scholarship
In honor of Frances Stout the family has given out a memorial scholarship to a Plant & Animal Science student who shows a love for hard work and dedication to agriculture, Alexa Syrjala was the recipient this year.

Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation
The Hospital Foundation knows how important it is that local residents gain the skills to be our communities’ health care providers of tomorrow. The Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation scholarship was awarded to Kelsey Coulier.

Masonic Lodge Scholarship
The Masonic Lodge Scholarship is given out based on rewarding a student with solid academic records and strong leadership skills. Heather Beeman from Ionia High School applied for this scholarship and won from Heartlands this year.

Mr. Steve Gray Culinary Arts Scholarship
Bailey Weller, Ionia senior, was presented with a $5,000 scholarship in memory of Mr. Steve Gray, our former Culinary Arts instructor. Steve Gray’s widow, Sandy Gray & daughter Stephanie Gray attended the ceremony to present Bailey with this generous scholarship. Sandy and Stephanie decided to give this scholarship in memory of Steve in lieu of flowers from friends and family who donated in his memory.