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How to Apply for Retirement
miAccount is a fast and easy way to apply for retirement— five simple steps and you’re done! Information about insurance, taxes, and direct deposit is provided to you during the online application process. We recommend that you submit your completed retirement application and mail photocopies of your proofs to ORS at least three months before your retirement effective date. You will not get retroactive benefits if you file more than 12 months after you become eligible for pension payments.

Note: Don’t forget to notify Human Resources of your intent to retire!

ORS has moved to an online only retirement application process. The application form has been removed from the ORS web site and members are directed to go to miAccount to submit their application electronically. This secure, online tool will provide members with an efficient, streamlined, and expedited application process. ORS has simplified miAccount, resulting in a more user-friendly registration process.

WATCH the miAccount tutorial!

Need help navigating ORS? Unsure of how to get started? We can help! Contact Human Resources to schedule a personal appointment to discuss your retirement options or begin the online retirement application process.