Absentee Ballots for August 8, 2017 Election

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Absent voter ballots are available for all elections. They provide voters with a convenient method for casting a ballot when they are unable to attend the polls on election day.

As a registered voter, you may obtain an absent voter ballot if you are:

age 60 years old or older
unable to vote without assistance […]

End of Year Celebration

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The 2017 End of Year Celebration for our Ionia County ISD Family took place June 7, 2017.
Retirees include Rose Dingman (5years), Marilyn Goodemoot (22 years), Patti Grosskopf (7 years), Wendy Hugenroth (28 years), Cherylann Johnston (22 years), Michelle Kapp (31 years), Michaelean Patterson (38 years), Nancy Wardell (14 years), Liane Wood (18 years).

Independent Living Center Graduates!

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On Tuesday June 6, 2017 the Ionia County ISD played host to our graduates from the Independent Living Center (The House) program.Congratulations to our students!

You have enriched our lives these years in the program.

Jim Lóser, Assistant Superintendent/Special Education and Jason Mellema, Superintendent are pictured with our students Coty Kissane & Sharon McAllister.

ISD Board Elections

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Monday June 5, 2017 saw local district representatives submit their votes for the ISD Board of Education trustees. Present were four district representatives.

Outgoing President of the ISD Board Al McDonald announces the three ISD Board Members, Robert Insley, Linda Hoxie-Green & Brian Talbot.

2017 Spring Graduate

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George Spratto II is an ASD student in the USEI program.  He came to Freedom Acres in January 2014.  He completed all of his requirements for Certificate of Completion. He has also been role model student with good behavioral growth and focusing on transitioning in to the next chapter through participating in all of […]

Heartlands Aviation Weather Balloon

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Heartlands Aviation Tech Program launched their Weather Balloon Project to the edge of space this year.  The sensor package reached approximately 110,000 feet before deploying its parachute.  Students used knowledge of meteorology, physics and mathematics to predict the landing zone and calculate the volume of helium needed for the appropriate buoyant force in order […]

2017 Summer Day Camps!

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Join us this July with a wide array of options for students ages 10-13…

$10 each camp or $25 for 3 camps

Art Camp  07/10/17 – 07/13/17  9:00AM – 1:30PM
@ Ionia ISD 2191 Harwood Rd. Ionia (ages 10 – 13)

STEM Camp  07/17/17 – 07/20/17  9:00AM – 1:00PM
@ H.O. Steele ED. Building 10260 S. Sheridan Rd. Fenwick […]

What is an ISD?

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One of the questions I get on a regular basis is, “What does an ISD do?”  In simple terms, an ISD, or Intermediate School District, is by definition a regional educational service and support center charged with helping its school districts maintain and supplement the services they require to operate.

ISD’s in Michigan have a […]

PAC Special Education Awards Banquet

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Registration is closed for the 2017 PAC Awards Banquet.
Thank you for those we will see Wednesday April 26, 2017!

Autism Awareness Month

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April is Autism Awareness month and we are again planning our 5th Annual Autism Awareness Walk for Saturday, April 29, 2017

Here is our walk flyer and pledge sheet.

See you at the track!

Pledge Form

Walk Flyer