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Time Sheet (Substitute)

By |April 22nd, 2016||

Time Sheet

By |April 22nd, 2016||


Time sheet Instructions

Time sheets are available on the ISD website under Services/Business Office then on the right hand side "Forms & Worksheets" you may then search using the term "Time sheet". To save it to your computer select save as and then open once it has downloaded. If you don’t wish to save it you can just select open and enter the information to print.

After it is downloaded, click the yellow box to Enable Editing.

  • Enter your employee id#, name, worksite (building location, for example: Saranac Elementary) and department (Example: ASD, PI-OHI, MOCI, etc.)
    • Note: Incomplete time sheets can delay processing and may be pushed into the next pay date.
  • Enter dates according to the employee pay schedule, example 1/22/16.
  • Enter your starting time in the first ‘I’ column, example 7:00 AM (with space between time and AM/PM). Enter lunch out and in times in the next ‘Out’ & ‘In’ columns. Day ending time goes in the last ‘Out’ column.
  • Sick time must be entered at or called into WillSub. Enter your normal workday hours and enter the leave time in the column provided. The leave time should automatically be calculated by WillSub, along with the reference number. The WillSub reference number must be entered in the WillSub Ref# column. Indicate the time and type of leave in the column indicated (ex. personal illness, family illness, funeral, etc.)
    • Note: If you do not have enough leave time available the payroll system will create a pay dock for the difference in time used and available time.
  • After the two week pay period is completed, print your timesheet and sign it. If you are in a classroom setting, have the teacher sign for verification then send it to your Supervisor (or Secretary) for final approval.
  • For snow days or other weather related closures or delays, enter your normal work day times in/out for that day. Note the type of closure in the ‘Type of Leave” column (example: 2 hour delay or snow day). 
    • Note: Only 5 days will be paid per Article 7 Section 9B of the IISPA contract.
  • If you have any questions please contact us in the Business Office! We are here to help.
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