Student Services Coordinator

Beth GeldhofThe Student Services Coordinator provides services to all students to meet their diverse personal and educational needs. Support is delivered to students for academic and career-related needs to promote positive student outcomes and success.

Student Services Coordinator
Beth Geldhof


The Paraeducators assist all students including those who qualify for special education services. They help deliver accommodations and specific classroom and lab skills, as well as reinforce appropriate program-related work habits.

Local High School Counselors

High School Name Position Phone
Belding High School Jodi Edwards Counselor 616-794-4939
Ionia High School James Batista Counselor 616-527-0600
Ionia High School Ashley Gelder Counselor 616-527-0600
Ionia High School Jen Jockheck Counselor 616-527-0600
Lakewood High School Christine Wagenfuehr Counselor 616-374-0140
Lakewood High School Kate Prominski Counselor 616-374-0140
Portland High School Brenda Edlund Counselor 517-647-2981      
Portland High School Paige Patterson Counselor 517-647-2981      
Portland St. Patrick Jenny Garcia Counselor 517-647-7551      
Saranac Jr/Sr High School Adam Eisen Counselor 616-642-1100