Homeschool Students Q&A

The following questions and answers are designed to help understand the process of enrolling a homeschooled student at the Ionia County Career Center.


Homeschool students must enroll half-time with a local school district to attend a Career Center course. This process provides the opportunity for any homeschooled student to access Ionia County Career Center courses. This enrollment at the local district does not mean that your student attends the high school they enroll part-time with. The local counselor would enroll your student in the Career Center course (while adhering to policies for the Career Center and their local district).

It's essential to understand that while we provide the Career Center courses, academic credits are not issued by us. For official record-keeping purposes and to secure seats in our courses homeschooled students must enroll half-time at a local sending district. This enrollment arrangement ensures proper documentation, including transcripts, credits, articulated credits, etc.

Each local high school may have individual policies regarding half-time enrollment. It's advisable to inquire directly with the school counselor or administration in your local district for specific details.

Local school districts that send students to the Ionia County Career Center through the millage include: Belding Area Schools, Ionia Public Schools, Portland Public Schools, Portland St. Patrick School, and Saranac Community Schools. Other school districts are also invited to participate in Career Center courses and have frequently sent students over the years.

In such cases, we adhere to a "good neighbor" policy. If the requested program is not available at the other Career Center, we may explore enrollment as a potential option.

All classes run Monday-Friday. The AM classes are  7:45-10:15 AM and the PM classes are 11:45 AM- 2:15 PM.

Students in junior and senior high school grades have the opportunity to participate in our courses.

The Ionia County Career Center follows its own calendar, distinct from any local calendars. However, we align our winter and spring breaks.

Yes! You can attend our annual Open House (see our Facebook for event details, the event is typically held in February), or contact us at via phone (616) 527-6540 or email to schedule an individual tour during the school day.

Please contact us at the Ionia County Career Center Office via phone at (616) 527-6540 or email