Work Based Learning

Program Overview

Work-Based Learning is the alignment of classroom and workplace learning with the application of academic, technical and employability skills in a work setting. Students can explore a career through a work-based learning experience within a business or industry.

Students indicate their interest in a work-based learning experience through their career center instructor. The instructor will then fill out an internship request form. 

State guidelines require Career and Technical Education (CTE) students to finish at least half of their program before going on a work-based learning experience.

An opportunity for students to visit and observe a person in business or industry. This experience typically takes place during the students’ class period, however can range up to a full day including after school day hours. This experience is coordinated by the instructor.

Work Based Learning Internships are an opportunity for students to explore a career by working in business or industry demonstrating the skills they learned in their program. The duration of this experience will vary per student and is coordinated by the Work Based Learning Coordinator. This experience can be paid or unpaid. Instructor approval is required.

Work Based Learning Manual


  • 1st Year Students (Placed 2nd semester) = Must have completed at least 50% of your program curriculum/segments.
  • 2nd Year Students (Placed 1st and/or 2nd Semester) = Must have successfully completed the first year curriculum with a C or higher.
  • Must be enrolled in courses related to career path.
  • Must provide his/her own form of transportation. Ionia County Career Center will not provide transportation for Work Based Learning (WBL) participants. 
  • Click here for the Work Based Learning Internship Request Form  


  • Students will have good attendance at the time they begin their Work-Based Learning experience and will maintain good attendance or be required to return to the program full-time for the remainder of the semester. 
  • Must work designated times per the Work Based Learning (WBL) plan to continue in the placement.
  • Timesheets must be turned in within 1 week. Students may be pulled if timesheets are late.

Instructor Approval

  • The student’s instructor must approve the WBL placement and attend the required site visits.


  • Positive attitude & acceptable behavior for the workplace
  • Students will not have any disciplinary problems prior to or during their Work-Based Learning experience. Those that do may be removed from Work-Based Learning and returned to their program. If a student is suspended for any reason, they may not be allowed on Work-Based Learning for up to a full semester following the occurrence. 

Reporting Injury 

  • In all cases of injury, Ionia County Career Center Administration must be notified as soon as possible so the parent/guardian can be notified. The student's site supervisor will fill out an accident report for each incident and submit it to the Ionia County Career Center office.


  • Students must maintain a minimum of a “B” average in their Ionia County Career Center program to be eligible for WBL placements.
  • Students may be pulled from their WBL placement if they are on the “At Risk List” that is pulled weekly by the Student Services & WBL Coordinator. 
  • Must be on path to graduate with his/her class and passed all required classes
  • Must not have any failing grades while in Work Based Learning (WBL)

Skill Achievement 

  • Students will have completed a minimum of 50%* of the instructional material in their program and, where national standards or licensing is required, have earned a minimum of one license or certification. If there are any areas of concern, the student will have to show improvement to the level of the requirement before being considered for Work-Based Learning. *Educational Careers Students must have completed at least 25% of their instructional material.
  • Students must complete 100% of their SafeSchools modules prior to being placed on a WBL internship.
  • Construction students must complete OSHA 10 prior to being placed on a WBL internship.
  • A copy of the student's resume may be requested.

Right to Implement New Rules & Regulations

  • Ionia County Career Center Administration has the right to implement new rules and regulations which are not stated in this manual which are necessary to maintain and promote an appropriate environment for learning.
Ashli Jordan
Student Services & WBL Coordinator