Work Based Learning

Program Overview

Work-Based Learning is the alignment of classroom and workplace learning with the application of academic, technical and employability skills in a work setting. Students can explore a career through a work-based learning experience within a business or industry.

Students indicate their interest in a work-based learning experience through their career center instructor. The instructor will then fill out an internship request form. 

State guidelines require Career and Technical Education (CTE) students to finish at least half of their program before going on a work-based learning experience.

An opportunity for students to visit and observe a person in business or industry. This experience typically takes place during the students’ class period, however can range up to a full day including after school day hours. This experience is coordinated by the instructor.

An opportunity for students to explore a career by working in business or industry demonstrating the skills they learned in their program. The duration of this experience will vary per student and is coordinated by the Work Based Learning Coordinator. This experience can be paid or unpaid. Instructor approval is required.

Work Based Learning Manual

Ashli Jordan
Student Services & WBL Coordinator