About Us

The Ionia County Intermediate School District (ICISD) is a Service Organization. 

What We Do

Its employees provide support, special help, and special equipment to local educators in Ionia County’s eight public and five non-public school districts.

About one-third of ICISD's staff serve constituent districts from the Administrative Service Center.  This includes general education, alternative education, professional development, grant writing, technology, and vocational education programs. 

The balance of its employees work in the ICISD programs as well as local school district special education programs for students with special needs.  

The Ionia County Intermediate School District Board of Education complies with all federal laws and regulations of the U. S. Department of Education.

Mission Statement

The staff, administration and Board of Education of the Ionia County Intermediate School District are dedicated to collaborating:

  • With students, parents, and district residents,
  • With local and other intermediate districts, and
  • With community partners and state agencies,

to provide quality services and exemplary leadership in support of superior teaching and learning throughout the District.