Heifer International

Heifer education will be operational shortly. You can order free global education kits, print out crossword puzzles, word searches and other resources. Kids can play games online.


Global TeachNet

Global TeachNet is a quarterly teacher resource from the global education networks of the National Peace Corps Association and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. It’s a great resource for learning about what’s available in global education, such as lesson plans, book and film reviews, conferences, trips, free resources, and ways to be involved globally.



There are many free resources to download, including the Oxfam Fast for a World Harvest.


World Food Day

World Food Day is October 16. This website shows you how to get involved.


Peace Corps World Wise Schools

World Wise Schools matches Peace Corps Volunteers in the field with U.S. classroom teachers through its Correspondence Match program. Students or 4-H members can learn about the people, geography, environment, and culture of the world from the direct experience of volunteers living in other countries. World Wise Schools also offers other resources such as lesson plans, podcasts, slide shows, and more.


Facing the Future

Facing the Future researches and writes global issue and sustainability curriculum materials and provides training on teaching about global issues, sustainability, and service learning. Many free resources are available on their website.


Merry Merrifield listserv

Sign up for the listserv to receive frequent updates about global happenings and resources.


Ecological Footprint

Take the ecological footprint quiz and explore other resources on this website. There are many other websites with information on ecological footprints; just google.


The Story of Stuff

“The Story of Stuff” is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our producton and consumption patterns. The video can be viewed on line or you can order it. There is also a Story of Stuff newsletter available free; just sign up.




Population Connection


National Geographic for Educators


MSU Center for Latin American Studies


MSU Latin American site for teachers


MSU Africa Studies Center


MSU Africa for Educators site


MSU Asian Studies Center


MSU Center for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies


Population Reference Bureau


Donate Rice, increase vocabulary


International Education and Resource Network


United Nations Works
(This has curriculum to go with the videos at ISD.)


Oxfam UK


United Nations Cyber Schoolbus