Assistive Technology

It is the mission of Ionia ISD Assistive Technology Department to expand the knowledge and use of assistive and accessible technology (AT) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) within the local districts so all students can learn in a manner which best meets their needs and abilities.

Ionia ISD Assistive Technology Department provides support materials, technical assistance, workshops and training, consultation to local district teams, access to an extensive lending library, and the development of innovative initiatives to provide access to the classroom and curriculum.

What is Considered Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is any item, piece of equipment, software, website, app, or extension that is used to increase, support or boost the abilities and educational achievement of a person with a disability. 

While the phrase assistive technology may make us think of computers and computerized devices, assistive technology can range from low tech to high tech. See examples below. 


                                         Examples of Low Tech


                                    Examples of Mid Tech Tools


                              Examples of High Tech Tools

Please Contact Ionia ISD's Assistive Technology Consultant for information and support at 616-527-4900 x2115.