Moderately Cognitively Impaired (MoCI)

Ionia County ISD operates three MoCI classrooms located in Ionia Public School Buildings:

  • Jefferson Elementary, Grades K-5
  • Ionia Middle School, Grades 6-8
  • Ionia High School, Grades 9-12

Supervisor: Mark Sly

Phone: 616-527-4900, x2116

This program is for students who have been identified as having significant cognitive impairments that falls three standard deviations below the mean, (IQ- 55) and significantly impacts the student’s ability to access the general curriculum. The program addresses the unique needs of students who require significant academic modifications, accommodations, and/or replacement curriculum. In addition, the program includes social skills training along with instruction that places emphasis on attaining functional communication, and academic and adaptive daily living skills needed to increase independence. Students in this program may or may not exhibit behavior that impacts their ability to learn in the general education setting.

Students participate in academic, social skills, and specific skill training in a center-based special education classroom. Students will be included in the general education setting when it provides an educational benefit. Thus, time in the general education setting will fluctuate based on the students’ individual needs. It is the goal of the program to increase students’ skills and independence across the curriculum and provide services in the Least Restrictive Setting. Students in this program will take the alternative assessment for Michigan and would likely not be on a diploma track.

Entrance Criteria: 

  • Recent evaluation data (within the last year) provides strong evidence that cognitive and/or learning deficits that fall three standard deviations below the mean (IQ- 55) and are significantly interfering with the learner’s ability to access the general curriculum
  • Prior to considering a more restrictive setting, a progression of interventions have been consistently implemented in the general education and or special education setting, including, but not limited to;
  • Significant modification to content, methodology, and/or performance criteria
  • Additional adult support in the general education setting
  • Use and documentation of supplementary aids and services (e.g., visual aids, manipulatives, alternative texts and materials, etc.)
  • Consistent communication between all teachers, service providers, and family
  • Minimum of 9 weeks of classroom data using an approved basic skills checklist.
  • Observation of the student by MoCI teacher and/or representative of the program