Stepping Forward

Stepping Forward is located 601 E. Washington Street in Ionia. This training site is designed to help provide the necessary support and training for adult learners with moderate disabilities focusing on the following life skill areas:

Daily living skills: cooking, cleaning, shopping, menu planning, daily exercise, safety, and budgeting money;

Community participation and connections with local resources: MRS, The Right Door, Disability Advocates of Kent County, Housing options, etc.). The adult learners also research and take part in low cost and free activities in the towns in the communities they reside.

Employment skills:  adult learners create their resumes and develop job skills through several Work Based Learning (WBL) sites. They also work (volunteer) at job sites 4 days/week.

Soft (social) skills: positive attitude, initiative, work ethic, responsibility, advocating for self, and helping each other reach goals.